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Demon Slayer: 9 things you may not know about “The Demon Army”

Order in Kimetsu no Yaiba is an organization founded by the Ubuyashiki Family with the sole purpose of protecting humans from the clutches of the Demon race and destroying the Kibutsuji Muzan. Here are 9 things you may not know about the Demon Army. The Demon Army is an organization that is not publicly recognized by the government even though it has a few hundred members. Founded thousands of years ago with the mission of destroying Demons that are harming humanity and most importantly, obliterating Kibutsuji Muzan once and for all.

1 / How to join To join the Demon Order, the participant must complete a test called the Final Selection Exam, which is considered the entrance test to be able to join the Demon Order. The content of the test is that the candidates must successfully survive seven days on a mountain full of demons. Members who complete the final Selection will receive a standard Demon Slayer uniform, choose the material ore to forge their sword and finally have a companion bird with the effect of pine. report news as well as contact between members. While all the Swordsmen were assigned a raven Kasuagi, Zenitsu was assigned a sparrow. The reason for this is still unknown, but strangely enough, Zenitsu was still able to understand the sparrow and receive the correct messages and commands from it.

2 / Level The members of the Demon Killer Army were divided into ten different levels. When a new member joins the Demon Army, they will be classified as a low click: Mizunoto. After that they will have to complete many quests and progress to the next level. The highest rank is Kione. After the final selection, new members of the Demon Army will have a tattoo engraved on their arm. That tattoo is called the Wisteria Flower. Which will make it easier for members to check their rankings by looking at that icon.

3 / Hashira Hashira, also known as Pillar, is the nine most powerful demonic swordsmen. They are the members with the highest ranks in the organization and are second only to the leader. To qualify as a Hashira, one must successfully kill 50 Demons or kill a member of the Twelve Demons, the strongest group of Demons that exists under the Demon Lord, Kibutsuji Muzan.

 4 / Tsuguko A Tsuguko is a very talented Demon Assassin who has been designated the heir to one of the Nine Hashira’s, and if Hashira retires or dies, they will become the next Hashira. To become Tsuguko, they can either sign up for, or be chosen by, one of the current Hashiras. Hashira Training is a special training conducted by Hashira and conducted by many lower ranked members. The purpose of Hashira Training is to improve all of the physical abilities and overall health of the members of the Demons Corps, giving them an additional chance of winning the battle against the Devil. Each Hashira oversees a different part of the training program. The training procedures include: basic endurance training, flexibility training, movement speed training, sword skills training, and muscle strengthening training. As a general rule, Hashira must participate in each other’s training sessions. Because they also need to continually improve and improve if they do not want to become the next victim of the Demons.

 5 / Kakushi In the Army, there was a cleaning team called Kakushi. Kakushi is responsible for providing first aid to demon killers injured after a major battle, as well as bringing in wounded people to get proper medical care.

6 / Salary Of course, being a swordsman to kill demons requires a salary. Mizunoto is paid around 200,000 yen and will increase progressively while Hashira is paid according to the amount they decide.

7 / The high-ranking members of the Demon Slayer The Ubuyashiki Family:

 â€˘ Ubuyashiki Kagaya

 â€˘ Ubuyashiki Kiriya

• Ubuyashiki Kanata

• Ubuyashiki Nichika

• Ubuyashiki Hinaki The pillars:

 â€˘ Water Pillar Tomioka Giyuu

 â€˘ Rengoku Kyoujurou Pillar Inflammation

 â€˘ Kochou Shinobu

 â€˘ Uzui Tengen

 â€˘ Ha Tru Tokitou Muichirou

 â€˘ Attachment to the Kanroji Mitsuri Head

 â€˘ Iguro Obanai Pillars

 â€˘ Feng Shinazugawa Sanemi

 â€˘ Himejima Gyoumei Lava Pillar

 8 / Senses Some of the members of the Demon Order had naturally enhanced senses that were very useful in combat. Some even combine them with Breathing to create completely new skills. Typically the Breath of sound.

9 / Seal to destroy the Devil The Demonic Seal was a mark that appeared on its owner’s face. The first person who could activate the Demon Slayer Seal was the creator of the Sun Breath Yoriichi Tsugikuni and then a group of people who used the Sun’s vapor as they learned from Yoriichi. However, not everyone can activate the Demon Slayer’s Seal. The conditions for demon hunters to obtain the Demon Slayer’s Seal were also not easy. According to what Ha Tru – Tokito Muichiro said, the body temperature must exceed 39 degrees and the heart rate must exceed 200 beats / min and still be able to survive, at this time the demon seal can appear. . The basic state surpasses the average person in stamina. According to Amane – wife Ubuyashiki Kagaya, as long as one person can awaken the seal, others can gradually awaken, this is similar to a resonance between geniuses. The Demon Slayer’s Seal could enable the holder of that seal to improve his physical strength, raising the swordsman’s abilities on par with other powerful demons. However, there is also a curse for those with this demonic seal, they will not live beyond the 25th threshold except Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

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