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Demon Slayer Merch and These are the top 5 most popular characters in Kimetsu no Yaiba that everyone must recognize

Before I introduce you to the Demon Slayer merch, we have a small article for fans of the Demon Slayer anime.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is currently one of the most popular Manga / Anime series at the moment and its thrilling developments are making fans more passionate than ever. However, do you know which is the most popular character in the Kimetsu no Yaiba community? Let’s find out.

5. Inousuke Hashibira

It first appeared with an extremely annoying personality, but gradually, viewers gradually felt and understood the true personality of this character. Inosuke is a genuine Tsundere and unlike his fierce personality, he is always interested in his teammates, as well as spending a lot of his time with them.

Even Inosuke is so popular with fans that he nicknamed “The One”.

4. Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu is the character who appears to break the somewhat somber atmosphere of Kimetsu no Yaiba and give viewers the funniest and most memorable moments. Even though she is a shy personality, Zenitsu is one of the most determined people.

Zenitsu always lives true to who she is and responds to other people’s expectations no matter how expensive he pays. In episode 13 of Kimetsu no Yaiba, he still resolved not to trade the meeting because Tanjiro asked him to protect it. Although shy, Inosuke is extremely cute and captures the hearts of many fans.

3. Tanjirou Kamado

The main character of the series and who is also loved by many fans. Tanjirou has always shown himself as an exemplary brother and strives to help his sister become a human again. In addition, he is also the only character to sympathize with the demons he has killed, in addition to his strong spirit, his steadfast will is always shown most clearly through each stage. of the story.

Remember in episode 7 of the anime that Kazumi scolded him for not understanding the pain he was feeling because of losing his fiancée. However, Tanjirou at that time did not complain to Kazumi about the loss of his family and his pain was even more painful than that.

What he did was make a smile while his inner emotions were suppressed. Tanjirou always does his best for his sister as well as a brighter future, where people will no longer suffer.

2. Kouchou Shinobu

Shinobu is a character with quite a harmonious personality and always has a smile on her face, in addition to the hobby of “stealing” other people is also what makes readers love her. But when seeing the flashbacks of this girl, anyone can see that she has an extremely dark past, always bearing a burden on her lost sister – Kanae Koucho.

Although she is always looking for ways to help those around her and always shines brightly, when she died in chapter 142 of the manga, many fans couldn’t help but be shocked, because nobody seemed to dare. believe in it.

1. Kamado Nezuko

Topping the list is none other than “national little girl” Nezuko, a character that is the most popular of the majority of fans. Not only her cute appearance, but her overwhelming demonic power as well as the love for her boundless brother are what makes Nezuko so beloved.

Despite being demonized, she still does not eat human flesh, but also wants to protect people completely, curb the craving for flesh and blood and many times fight Tanjirou in the journey to destroy the scary demons.

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