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Demon Slayer Movie: The popular anime ‘Demon Slayer’ aired on POPS

The collection of the world’s top copyrighted anime on POPS has just welcomed another hit – “Demon Slayer”, also known as “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. .

The story is about Kamado Tanjiro, a boy who becomes a demon hunter after his family is murdered and his sister turns into a demon. To help his sister become a human, take revenge on the evil demons, Tanjirou joined the Demon Slayer and became a murderer.

Although not as rich in history as other classic anime series, “Demon Slayer” stands out equally. Both the manga and anime version have created admirable records on the charts of the country of cherry blossoms, as well as fascinated millions of fans around the world.

The attraction of “Demon Slayer – Sword to destroy demons” comes from many factors, including how to build the main character Kamado Tanjiro. Through painful loss, Tanjiro did not let hatred overwhelm his mind, his holy heart. He has always believed in a bright future that his sister will become a human again. Tanjiro took the tears of millions of audiences when the pain of losing family was portrayed honestly by the author.

Not possessing unreal strength like many other Japanese manga characters, Kamado Tanjiro’s fighting strength comes from his training effort and strong will. The spirit of learning, perseverance in non-stop practice helps Tanjiro grow through each match. This not only makes the movie more attractive, but also the important message the author wants to convey.

In addition to Tanjiro, the film’s supporting characters are also portrayed nicely. Everyone has their own past, bold “drama”. Besides, this anime is also famous for good quotes, inspiring viewers.

Experts appreciate the image quality of “Demon Slayer”, when the battle scenes are integrated with techniques, creating epic battles. In addition, the movie also has fun anime-like scenes, making audiences laugh after straining their eyes with battle scenes.

The huge success of “Demon Slayer” in both the anime and manga versions prompted Ufotable to produce a movie version, which is scheduled to hit theaters on October 16. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Brunei and Vietnam are countries outside Japan which were confirmed to release this version.

While waiting for the release date, Vietnamese fans can watch the full anime series “Demon Slayer” with copyrighted, beautiful images on POPS entertainment application, released one episode per day.

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