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Kimetsu No Yaiba: 5 life stories from demonic-killing stories

1, Strong emotions will always overpower logic

Do you remember when Tanjiro returned home with his family corpse and discovered that Nezuko was now a demon? In Tanjiro’s eyes, Nezuko was a human being. His little sister and the idea of ​​her being a cannibal and murderer didn’t come to mind.

Even when Nezuko attacked Tanjiro, he still refused to fight back and kept hoping that Nezuko would regain consciousness, “overcoming” her new ego. That was when Giyu Tomioka appeared and nearly killed Nezuko. But Tanjiro begs him to spare her life.

What we see in these early episodes is emotional power. In general, you can use logic to overcome an emotion if the emotion is not strong or profound. But in the case of a strong emotion like family love, no logic can change a person’s mind.

Tanjiro still considers Nezuko a human despite the truth. That is why Tomioka was touched by Tanjiro’s words. To the point that he let Nezuko and Tanjiro benefit from the suspicion. Even Giyu’s logic is overpowered by Tanjiro’s strong emotions. Despite Tomioka’s duties as a demon killer.

 2, Being weak means the potential to become stronger

Tanjiro is a weak person. Weak enough that he could do nothing to let Nezuko become a demon, or to stop the demon from slaughtering his family. Even if Tanjiro was there to see him, he would die. Tanjiro understands and is disappointed by his weakness and that motivates him to become stronger.

Tanjiro doesn’t see his weaknesses as a defect, a burden, or something that he can never improve. More importantly, he doesn’t use it as an excuse to stay weak. Tanjiro realized that weakness means there is the potential to become stronger. Hence, with Giyu’s help, he chooses the effort. Tanjiro remains weak for a long time and we see that when he starts training in the mountains.

In fact, it seems like training this guy is pointless because of his lack of talent. But by hard work and dedication, out of love for his sister, he begins to unleash his potential to become stronger. It’s an important life lesson from the Kimetsu no Yaiba series. Where you live is not permanent, it is a means of getting where you want to be. Regardless of your weaknesses

 3, Life is broken, but not necessarily hopeless

Tanjiro, unlike the other Shounen protagonists, is kind, kind, and gentle. Besides Deku, there are very few people like Tanjiro. He wants the best for everyone, even his bad enemies. Even if those enemies were demons that wanted him dead.

That’s all despite the fact that Tanjiro was injured at the start of the series. Wounded by a demon’s hand. Life is different from Tanjiro. He has every right to give up, give up, or even commit suicide when he sees the state in the world he lives in.

No ordinary human can last long in a world full of demons with unbelievable physical strength. It is only a matter of time. But Tanjiro continued to fight. He does not allow life to be a dark color forever. Life is miserable, but it doesn’t have to be. It depends on how you deal with it and what you do from that point forward.

4, The importance of empathy

Empathy is an underrated trait. Emotions are often underestimated, while ordinary intelligence is always exaggerated. Even in the anime industry, we see this in many characters. One thing that characters like Tanjiro has in common is empathy.

Although he is a quite intelligent guy, Tanjiro’s greatest strength is his feelings, his empathy. The reason is because of the way he treats demons, even though he’s a demon killer.

You can explain this through the fact that his sister is a demon, which changes Tanjiro’s view of the demonic concept. It is a possibility, but you cannot use it as an excuse for how much Tanjiro sympathizes with demons in general. There is no better performance than Tanjiro’s classic battle in the latter part of the series. The high ranked demon killers couldn’t understand that.

Empathy is putting yourself in other people’s shoes, even if you can’t relate to and understand them. If many people do this every day, the violence, the war, the suffering will decrease, the society will be happier.

5, The importance of family

Family is not always bound by blood. It’s bigger than that! In Tanjiro’s case, when he returned home filled with the corpses of his family, he began to sink into darkness but a glimmer of light pulled him back.

This was even more true when he realized that there was still a chance to save Nezuko, or at least preserve her life as a demon in human form. What amazes Tanjiro is the importance of family. Though it was pushed on him in the worst possible way.

In the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba, when you lose your family, you lose everything. You will change forever. Demon killers like Giyu Tomioka understand this. He’s solitary, a lone wolf, and although his teammates are “family”, that is hardly the same.

That is why Tanjiro has a strong attachment to Nezuko, his only sister and the only family member to survive. If it weren’t for Nezuko, would he have the motivation to continue living? Will he become a demon killer? Does Tanjiro sympathize with the devil?

Tanjiro now knows how important his family is in a way he never wanted, but that is why he pursues his goals so hard.

Family is everything and only what you have when you have a hard time hitting your face. It’s also the last life lesson from Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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