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Top 10 best items for Demon Slayer Fans

Inspired by the popular anime series Demon Slayer, we launch a separate product for real fans. Here are 10 best selling and best reviewed products.

  1. Nezuko Kamado Pull Over Hoodie

Already a fan of the classic anime Demon Slayer, most people love the cute little Nezuko. Inspired by this character, we have released a hoodie with the main pink color that couldn’t be more perfect. The hoodie is designed with a simple, feminine and lovely pink pattern just like the character Nezuko. It is full of different sizes for you to choose from. The premium materials make the hoodie unable to take their eyes off everyone. Those who have used it all want to buy more and share them to give to friends and relatives on special occasions.

2. Nezuko bag

If you are already a fan of Nezuko, in addition to choosing outfits like this character, we cannot forget to bring accessories. With a cute design with pink as the main color, this draw bag makes the female friend become sweet and feminine. Choose it and bring it back to your locker right away.

3. Tanjirou hoodie

As a loyalty fan of Tanjirou, you definitely cannot miss this hoodie’s version out.

By the idea of restoring Tanjirou’s sharply eyes, we put his eyes in the front with the red-black theme as highlight of this hoodie. You can find your favorite size and bring it home by clicking here.

4. Tanjirou figures

Figurine – indispensable items for any corners on your desk.

For Tanjirou fandom, with material made from PVC in safety process and colorful, Tanjirou figurine is expected to be your favourite items, your friendly partner on the table or the symbol of fandom, etc … So, you can find out more information by clicking here to take a look and bring it home soon.

5. Haishabira Inosuke pig head

Surely you cannot forget the character Haishibira Inosuke with a very cute pig head. Inspired by this character, we present the Haishibira Inosuke cosplay pig head design for those who love him.

6. Haishibira Inosuke Shoes

These are probably the best selling shoes in the shop. With the perfect materials and the trendiest designs available today, we are releasing Haishibira Inosuke shoes for those who love this character. It has enough sizes for everyone to choose from.

7. Zenitsu hoodie

Zenitsu – A Symbol of Swordsman in Kimetsu no Yaiba.

To simulate the most amazing scene in Kimetsu no Yaiba as colorful as much, we bring it idea to you by Zenitsu Hoodie. With material made from Polyester, we expect to bring you durable & cool hoodie, suitable for any season ever.

You can find your favourite size and add to care here

8. Zenitsu Figures

Beside Nezuko & Tanjirou, you definitely cannot miss out Zenitsu figurine in your figurine collection.

With PVC in material, we confidently bring you the best quality figurine ever, ready to make your desk corner more colorful as well as come to perfection near and near.

We hope you love it and you can add it in your cart here.

9. Giyu hoodie

As Tanjirou hoodie, we bring you another version in top 10 best seller of 2020.

With Giyu Tomioka avatar by print-scanner the coolest scene of face’s corner and polyester in material, you can bring it to any offline show for Demon Slayer fandom or any party/ seasons without worries.

For adding it to cart and more information about your favorite size, clicking here

10. Giyu cosplay outfit

Have you ever thought you must be the special one in cosplay party?

Of course, we can help you to do it and make it up to the highest level with our cosplay costume by Giyu Tomioka clothes. And you just must to come to the show and find the demon to make a nice cut, by the way.

For getting more information, click here.

If you are a big fan of Demon Slayer, why not go ahead and buy yourself, Demon Slayer Shop, to flamboyantly show off your love for the series.

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